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Think twice about York U as a university choice

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York University’s contract teaching staff and teaching assistants (represented by CUPE 3903) have been on strike since Nov. 6, 2008 – with no resolution in sight. 50,000 students have had their futures put on hold and may well lose their summer jobs.

High school students and parents thinking about what university to choose should think twice about choosing York for several reasons:

  • it is a university with a history of labour relations problems (2 lengthy strikes in the last 8 years) plus work-to-rule compaigns); the current strike started Nov. 6, 2008.
  • there is now a real possibility that students now at York could lose the whole year;
  • the quality of the education that students will get this year (if the strike is resolved) will be compromised by having to compress the curriculum; and
  • students will inevitably be penalized by having their school year extended into the summer – making it difficult if not impossible to work and make the monies needed to fund their university education.

Would you want your son or daughter to have to go through this kind of experience?

High school students and parents: Educate yourself about what is going on at York. Know that in 2 or 3 years the school could again be on strike.  The unstable labour relations situation at York U compromises the university’s ability to deliver a quality, dispute-free education and university experience.  It is not a happy place.

York students: Use your Facebook and other contacts to let students at your past high school know about your experience at York; encourage them to find out what is happening at York and to think twice about choosing York as a university.


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January 12, 2009 at 2:55 pm

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  1. […] parent has started an anti-strike group on Facebook and even wrote on a blog, urging high school students not to apply to the university.  There are also student-run groups.  It looks like this has worked.  Newspapers have reported […]

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